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Tetro Face Texture V2

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ByNghệ Sĩ Ưu Tú

Type: texture
Author: tetrodoxin

Still a horrible name, but I’m not that creative right now. Finally “finished” these - now with a proper normal- and specmap. I also tweaked the diffuse map quite a lot.
Haven’t seen any major issues during my quick test session, but if you see any seams or compression issues, please tell me. Everything’s 4k, and there won’t be a low res version (feel free to do it yourself, though).
I’m using these with Maevan2’s Mature Skin body textures (which have a similar tone), but you can of course merge them with any other body set.
Same blabla as always, please don’t reupload somewhere else, yada yada, have fun.