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Skin Partitions / Body Parts / Biped Objects Reference Sheet

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ByNghệ Sĩ Ưu Tú

In the Creation Kit, the Biped Object is the name that refers to which parts of the body a particular piece of Armor will cover. They are often also called Slots or Nodes. In Blender/3DS/NifSkope they are called Skin Partitions. They're all the same thing.

* An NPC has a limited number of Nodes that can be filled by one piece of armor at a time. ie. As rings use Node 36, then only one ring can be worn at a time. Equipping a ring will first unequip any ring currently on the same Node.

* A piece of armor may occupy several Nodes.

As Blender can not yet export Skyrim nifs, one must use a Fallout3 Skin Partition name (these are case sensitive and all caps). This is then converted in NifSkope to the Skyrim name. Each name can only be used once.

Note: Any FO3 name can be used, it's just easier to identify equivalent parts.

Most commonly used


For example;
- a full body armor would use BP_TORSO, BP_LEFTLEG and BP_RIGHTARM names
- a set of gauntlets would use BP_RIGHTARM and BP_RIGHTARM2
- a pair of boots would use BP_LEFTLEG and BP_LEFTLEG2 whereas a pair of shoes would only use BP_LEFTLEG2

Other parts

(This is where BP_TORSO can be used generically instead of the real F03 name, as long as there is no other BP_TORSO)

Miscellaneous Part Names

Also available FO3 part names include;


Also available Skyrim part names include;

SBP_44_BloodHead (currently used as blood on dragon heads)
SBP_45_BloodWingL (currently used as blood on dragon's left wing)
SBP_46_BloodWingR (currently used as blood on dragon's right wing)
SBP_47_BloodTail (currently used as blood on dragon tails)
SBP_61_FX01 (special effects?)

Additional notes on Body Slots per the CK wiki;

Free body slots and reference usage
- Suggested Use of Additional Nodes

There are a total of 15 unused nodes (Unnamed) that can each have a new armor piece equipped to them without forcing something else to unequip. The following are the recommended nodes to use for user created content that does not fit into the list above.

44 - face/mouth
45 - neck (like a cape, scarf, or shawl, neck-tie etc)
46 - chest primary or outergarment
47 - back (like a backpack/wings etc)
48 - misc/FX (use for anything that doesnt fit in the list)
49 - pelvis primary or outergarment
52 - pelvis secondary or undergarment
53 - leg primary or outergarment or right leg
54 - leg secondary or undergarment or leftt leg
55 - face alternate or jewelry
56 - chest secondary or undergarment
57 - shoulder
58 - arm secondary or undergarment or left arm
59 - arm primary or outergarment or right arm
60 - misc/FX (use for anything that doesnt fit in the list)