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[CBBE] Dark Knight Suit BDO

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ByNghệ Sĩ Ưu Tú

Name: Unknow
Type: CBBE
Author :Dint999
Mark: 9.0/10
I would venture to put this set of clothes. Dark Knight Suit of the game Black Desert. For bodies CBBE HDT + presets for Outfit. Elements having free movement in the game (HDT physics): hooded cloak, Breastplate with yubroy. With places animation elements will behave strangely if something got stuck somewhere, just remove clothes and put on again. All is created, improved and enchant. To create a smithy use to improve - the workbench or use the same AddItemMenu .
Heels Sound 1.5
HDT the Physics the Extension
HDT HighHeel

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Skyrim 2_12_2017 3_03_17 AM
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