[CBBE] BDO Angel High heel

Name help : BDO angelAuthor: 8.0/10Download: All BDO armor this is private mod , You can't not download But you should a contact me to request shared for you a link.#Gmail:

BDO Witch Deneb Armor

This is next mod What do you think about it ? please comment what you think of the new mod Comming soon !!...

Shark Costume

You like it ? Please let me know what you think about this. or please let me know what do you think ....

[CBBE] BDO Valkyrie Awakening non HDT, hight heel , bodysilde

Name help : BDO Valkyrie Type: CBBEAuthor: 8.0/ 10Download: If you want to armor ? Right You must contact me to request shared for you a link . I will send for you , as soon as I can.#Gmail:

How to make transparent textures

A model's transparency is controlled by its texture's Alpha channel. 1. Open a texture in Photoshop2. At the Layers menu (usually on the lowerright), click the Channels tab3. Click New. You now have an Alpha channel4. Alpha channel works as follows:-Areas that are black are fully transparent-Areas that are darker shades of grey are more transparent than:-Areas that are lighter shades of grey are l...

[CBBE] BDO hanbok non HDT

Name help : BDO happyType: CBBEAuthor : 6.0/10Download: Sr i don't know how to make a HDT...

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